Hi. I am a mom to 6 kids. I am a contract worker, so my hours are flexible and I am fortunate enough to be able to work around my kids schedules. My oldest, Andrea, is 19. Randeisha is 15 and a scholar student. Clarence is 13 and has epilepsy. Ebony is 6 and loves school. Randolph is 4 and was just diagnosed with autism. Lillian is 2. I created this blog to reach out to other parents out there with children who have autism and epilepsy. While my son has been having seizures since he was 3 and only in his sleep, he was finally able to be weaned off of his medication a few months ago. Randolph was just diagnosed with autism on January 13. As a small child, I just thought that he was a good baby. He didn’t cry. He played by himself and didn’t require much attention. He didn’t want to be held. He started in pre-school this year. I noticed he had a speech problem and thought it was his hearing. After being tested, the doctors determined that his hearing was fine. Once he started school, he didn’t talk much, but listened to and learned everything the teacher had to offer. Still, we both noticed that something wasn’t quite right. He has one friend who he plays with at school, but their playtime is nonverbal. After scheduling an appointment with the pediatrician, and having wait a month to reschedule because of the weather, he was referred to a developmental pediatrician. His pediatrician said that out of 23 test questions, he failed 14 of them. Since I have started reading up on autism, I now notice that I missed a lot of the signs. He stacks everything, from boxed food to canned food, to the mail and paperwork on my desk. Everything with him has to be a certain way. If I am not at the school at exactly 2:15, he is panicking and the teacher is walking him up and down the hall to keep him calm. (This only happened once when I got stuck in traffic). Every shirt he wears has to have green in it. He will not wear a pullover shirt with a collar, but he will wear a button up shirt with a collar. He will not wear a coat in the winter. He wears a jacket. In the summer, he wears long sleeves. He will not wear shorts. He wears certain shoes on certain days. He will not look directly at me when I am talking to him. If he looks up and I am watching him, he will drop his head or turn it the other way. If someone else stares at him or watches him, he will start screaming and crying. He draws very well for his age and colors in the lines. He does not like to be hugged and kissed. But he is my baby boy. I guess the purpose of this blog, is to virtually get to know other parents who have children with autism. I am lost because even though I know people with autistic children, I don’t know of any in my area. I do know that it is hard and can be very trying at times not to lose patience with these special angels.

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